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The first dance..new grooves and moves!

'Lets Dance!'I have seen a range of you tube clips and friends facebook posts on that ‘focus point of the wedding’ ‘1st dance’.  It got me thinking, and being a dancer  myself.. how much preparation should you do, should you even prepare? Do people dread that bit? or avoid it all together?

Once upon a time, the wedding dance, was an intimate celebration dance of the couple, before friends and family joined in, in the next piece, until the end of the night.  The majority of the time, it involved close hold, swaying steps and a few turns, being careful of the dress!, to personally selected music.

Today, it is a very different story, and has turned into its own business. There seem’s to be different thoughts and opinions on what to do.  but why has this happened? Involve everyone

It clearly seems to be under 3 camps of thought. 1) the panic I need to learn to dance quick’ 2) pressure to showcase the couples dancing/arts skills or 3) humour spotlight of the guests and bridal couple.   It does seem to move worry to couples who are ‘know to dance’, especially if they decide not to ‘put on a show’..

The wedding dance tradition is illustrated throughout the world, and while is celebrated differently in different  religious and civic weddings, it is a huge part of the big day. Therefore, to a non dancing couple, who feel they have no coordination or movement it is a dreaded worry.  Its such a good idea, that the ‘tide has turned’ and the focus does not need to be on the bride and groom anymore.

So watch out ‘bridal party’  you are being introduced to the world of flash mob wedding dances, chart video re enactments, comedy dancing, or a full surprise routine as part of your day’s duties.

The business side of the ‘1st dance’ has rocketed, especially with popular TV shows, such as ‘Strictly come dancing & dancing with the star advertising a range of dance styles for couples to try.  Many freelance dance teachers, advertise advice, tips, moves or put together a routine for the important dance’. Whether in a Ballroom, Salsa, Bollywood, Jive etc, aimed to the ability of the couple and their friends.   These are wonderful, and I have seen many  note-boards at a friends house, covered with move tips, on what to practice in the kitchen or before dinner!.

A new twist is the ‘showcase spotlight dancers’, which are like a dance off between the bride and groom.  They have appeared since, ‘street dance, ‘step up or Honey the movies. These usually have a the bridal party involved,  with modern urban music, and are (or can be) a surprise to both sides. Again a fun way, to  involve everyone while having a good giggle at the same time.   Though dancing out of sink to the others,  would be very noticeable.

Yes, even Celebrities have joined in, into the fun!

Flash mob’s – means you do not even have solo dance, it has everyone on the dance floor. The routines are very simple, repetitive and do not involve partnering, so everyone can be involved.  Great to get everyone on their feet!  These two examples, are both inside and out of the reception. Both great ideas..

The comedy 1st dance;  yes, you really do not need to worry about have correct pointed toes or move in time with the music.  Mimicking the track, involve every ‘handbag, disco move’ and make everyone laugh.  Some are clearly practiced, but many just go for it!

Dancing included in other areas of the day. This is very unique, but have you ever thought of dancing up or out of the wedding ceremony?  have a street party proposal.  All work, they no need  good organisation skills, and time to practice.

What is clear, have fun, go mad, enjoy what you are doing, don’t put the pressure on yourselves to do a 10/10 professional performance.  Yes, ok you may end up with your routine on Facebook or having 100,00 likes you tube..

All the clips have come from a range of sources. If you need assistance on the first dance, C’est Chic can ‘direct you in the right direction..





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