C'est Chic



Are you applying for a sports project tender, and need a niche area covering? Has the company you work for, requested a ‘team activity day’? Do you need general assistance in staffing, suppliers, and risk assessment for a sports day or charity event? If so, please contact C’est Chic.

C’est Chic, loves a challenge and can assist or run your sports event, whether this is for a product awareness, advertising, special event dinners, team building, award evenings or charity special and participation events.

We have a wealth of suppliers, contractors, venues, innovative ideas, celebrity and guest speakers who could assist and be an inspiration for your event. Please request for further information, and a proposal of services we can offer.

This is a collection of the outstanding sports associations, charity fundraising events and special dinners C’est Chic either has run, or been involved with in conjunction with other events and corporation companies.