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Feeling daunted, before you’ve even started planning your wedding?

You always hear people say: planning a wedding’s like buying a house, moving, or having a baby, as it can be one of the most stressful things you can ever do in your life! great..that really helps your nerves!

By the time the engagement ring is on the finger, and you excitedly plan telling your family and friends.You can quickly be swept away by an endless ‘tornado of questions’.  ‘when’s the big day?’ where are you getting married?, don;’t forget to… 

This ‘don’t forget to statement’ – can be the most daunting, and even with an endless list of family and friends advice, books, magazines, Google search’s websites and apps’being passed your way. It can still be daunting, but why? 

From my opinion, I would say, it’s a mix of ‘the pressure and desired expectation’ for a perfect day: The desire of wanting the most romantic special day of your life’ combined with an expectation that it will have the ‘perfect and WOW factor. This interns adds to the pressure of selecting, planning every detail to extreme and builds worry with a feeling on not being able to cope. 

How do you avoid this feeling?.. Be clear from the start ‘who’s day it is ( I appreciate that is harder said than in practice), have a few agreed ideas between you both, but then be honest to friends etc ‘I don’t’ know yet’ is allowed ..in other-words, give yourself space and time. 

In the end, you are supposed to enjoy planning  and creating every step of your wedding journey?  whether this is working alongside a planner, or independently. Yes there will be many questions from catering, florists, venues, guests, cars and they can really cause many panicking feelings, along the way. But with a clear head, many cups of coffee, giggles and a honest time plan you will have a realistic expectation of your day, and it will be fun. 

Suppliers at weddings, will ask many complex questions, mostly as they want to make sure everything is what you want, when you want it, and where…This can get complex with a theme, or if the wedding is international. Fear not, I have listed a few basics, just to get you going… (A more comprehensive one, linked to a particular supplier area, can be provided, if needed)

‘Theme: Yes or no? / colour scheme? yes-which colour (s), and where you see it being used? /  venue bit: Where and when? and what is realistic that you could do yourself or with friends and family?.   Important part of your planning: What don’t you want, and stick to it, even when it has been offered to you for free!’..

Wedding planning lists are great guidelines, and in wedding planning books you will see, a set of week by week list of the ‘do’s and don’t check list’.  However, they are ‘very general, and just that, a guideline. Changes are inevitable, and allowed.  Yes, ok, read the small print on any contract before signing, and again if you change your mind, however with plenty of warning most suppliers can adapt what they are offering and confirming with you.  In the end, it is business to them, and they do work with many a daunted bride, who I am sure will be asking many more complex questions or demands than yourself 

If you are having particular anxieties over the big day, need a ‘little helpful advice’.. please just message. 

C’est Chic is an events company, based in London and Malaysia. We do specialise in international weddings, for all budgets for a tailored unique day, planned by you guided by us.  kirstin@c-est.chi.uk / @C_estchic..website coming soon. (and a visual newsletter)

Are you started to feel daunted by your wedding planning? fear not!

Worried to be unique? nope! great!!
Worried on being unique? nope! great!!






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