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Hi, and welcome to the C’est Chic blog. This will be a weekly account and honest discussion of topical tips, trends, and answering those many niggling general concerns from when planning a private event.
The blog will give an insight into the luxury events industry, on how to prepare, plan and execute an outstanding private event. I personally have been a spectator, guest, planner or performer to a variety of unique, or simply mad ideas of an event, and witnessed first hand both the pitfalls and successes.

Welcome to the C’est Chic journey.

Kirstin Oliver (Founder of C’est Chic UK)

The wedding cake: Would you request a traditional one or be unique?

involve all the top table

Pie cake

centre stageI have been researching into different styles and shapes of wedding cakes for a client, and like every week, its got me thinking.

When did it all change?, gone are the days, of a standard fruit cake, with a bride & groom figures on top of white Icing. Not anymore, it seems you really can ‘have you cake and eat it! (sorry I had to get that in!). Every style, tastes, shape, size is out there. Are you brave enough to ‘step out and have something new’?

As a wedding planner, not a cake specialist ( though will watch in amazement on what a cake designer can mold from nothing, not alone try them!), it has become more of the norm to ask questions regarding the design and intention of the cake. Why? Today,  for me, the cake has become such an integrated tradition. The design, theme, timing and meaning of the cake can really assist a wedding planner to capture ‘the wow factor’.

dramatic huge cakeHowever, with more unique and unusual requests and designs appearing. The additional considerations, are becoming more regular too, not alone the cost. In a planners mind, I am thinking all the following:

  • Does the cake need to be moved? Is it safe to move it?
  • Who is bringing the cake? does it need dressing, in line to the rest of the reception or not?
  • Is it ok to be placed near a window, or does it need to be in a fridge until the moment of cutting the cake?
  • Is there a grand entrance for the arrival of the cake? or not?

cookie cake

  • Will someone be required to explain the design or meaning of the cake? and who is doing that? have they organised what they are saying?
  • Do the catering team need to know about, which tier to cut? which to box? or does everyone have to eat it all?
  • Does it have different cakes on each tier -for people with allergies? how do I know?
  •  Will guests be informed if there is no cake at all? – will they understand?

When requesting a cake design, there are many factors I have encountered.  These have ranged from knowing the size, the number to feed, flower or wedding colours, type of cake stand or prop they require, through to cake sampling, Types of sponge, fillings….

A big bit of advice, I would recommend; Know what you like?, what you want your guests to eat?,  how many you are intending to feel?, have images of the type of cake you would like. Think about the size of the cake and colour scheme. Then organise to meet the cake makers. They are amazing talented designers, and will come up with something, you just thought would be possible.

cheese wedding cakeWhen do you contact, regarding your cake enquiry?. All caterers require time to design, review  and confirm your requests. This is before making the cake. Therefore, depending on whether you are having it designed, or shop brought. It can take up to 4-5 months.  Many cake designers, become booked a year in advance, for the same day.  A little warning, on booking.  Deposits are always required.

The types of unusual cakes. I have hunted a few of the most unique. Personally, I am not sure on some, for a wedding day. However, this is why we are all different..  I have not included the extreme cakes, as some are quite tasteless, and  inappropriate for a family wedding day.

wedding-cakeTraditional wedding cake:  These are either sponge or fruit cake, with white Icing. The shapes have given to a range options. Beautiful in decoration, and while you may wish to keep the look of the cake very traditional, it does not need it has to be the same for the filling.

Your sweet favorites:  Well, it is already cut, and everyone can have many slices. Though it does look very different. Whether this is chocolate cookies, or Rice cookies, the list is endless and you can easily mix a few tiers!

mini mini cake

Extreme sized cakes:  Why stick to a normal 3-4 tiers, when you could have a cake reaching the ceiling or as small as a child’s cub. It does depend upon your opinion of the focus of the cake, and naturally the amount you are wishing to spend on it.

Love of computer games

Iced to a personal taste:  This is where the imagination can go wild, I would recommend in discussing any extreme ideas with others first. You do not want there to be any back lash or doing something to extreme, and it not being appreciated.

Pie instead of cake: Why have a traditional wedding cake, when you can have a pork pie, slice of pastry or cheese. These are designed with personal greetings, different feelings, and great for storage after the big day. You can even cut into it..

If you are looking for cake designers, I have included these with pinterest, Google+ and on C’est Chic twitter.  Enjoying the food tasking!

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