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Adding that little personal touch to your party!

It maybe September, but the thought of all those forthcoming parties at Christmas, New Year, weddings and birthday’s around the corner, it has made me at c’est Chic think…. How can your party be different?, be rememberable compared to a friends party?  and still be created under budget?. 

With the recent wedding between Angelia and Brad having such a wonderful unique wedding veil personal touch. This seen through the hand drawn images from her children embedded into her dress, not along one of the children creating the wedding cake, who is only 10 years old. This will inevitability bring a new wave of personalised product ideas, into the market for 2014-2015.Blog 2 That personal touch wedding veil

Why would you wish to be personal, does it every party have to be?. The answer to this is no, there is no set rule to any party you plan, however there are party trends, that you see per year. Currently a personal touch, is a growing trend. The reason why, is very simple, everyone loves to feel included or remembered.  Especially if you wish for your guests to ‘keep sake’ your invitations or place names.  

Will it cost too much? no not really, and its exceptionally possible to have fun on the way, if you keep it simple and allow time for all the creating and planning. You do not need to think too ‘crazily’ either, to come up with such a lovey simple unique idea that your family or guests will always remember.    

How do you even start?. There are many ways, whether it is through the invitations, the escort table names, thank you favors, or having fun name badges or even themed musical cards!. 

A few golden rules, I would suggest; 

  • Keep it uniformed and simple for every guest. They will not mind, and will understand the theme and fun factor you are creating.
  • Allow additional planning if you are going to make each item yourself. 
  • Select  one or two personal ideas only, that everyone can relate to, in an positive light. I call this the ‘aaahh they remembered me factor’. 
  • Make it light, portable, safe, or even reusable.  This saves space and cost for sending or storing the items before your party has even started. 
  • Anything  you wish to be printed on an unique item, ‘have in a large clear font’,
  • If it involves alcohol, food or plants, please always check with the venue and postal service first, before creating or ordering.  Many companies and venues have rules on what they will/will not allow. You do not want to be in the situation, of ‘your invitations being seized at customs or worse destroyed.   

The following are a few inspired ideas, currently on the market. There are many stationary companies, per city, who will create a personal touch for you. Each vary on price, depending upon the number you require, the time scale, and the amount of hours it takes to create each item. 

personal touch own plant
A personal plant place cards to keep!

Personal Invitations;  Instead of hand written and posted invites, many are ‘e-shot instead with a personal image, interactive video or audio clip invite and online RSVP. Ok, your guest may not keep it, however videos are kept and it does guarantee a quick reply on a guests confirmation.  Another way, is though a ‘box of delights’. In the past, I have sent invites as treasure clues across a number of months, all on a sailing theme, internationally for guests’. This ranged from mini flip-flops, wash-bags to soap on rope.

Escort name places: These are ways to have a little fun with your guests on arrival. You will discover them with an extra smile, if they have to take to the table a different item than normal piece of printed card.  They may even ask if they can take it home latter. What a simply effective and very visual way for them to remember there seats! 

You can print on anything, therefore below are a few unusual items. They range from cups, fruit, drinks, old keys to even having your very own pot plant!.  

Personal touch Tea cup escort name places
A tea party themed place card!
Personal touch CD place cards
Personal Tape which works! All the tracks can relate to the day.

Table favors: These are usually the little thank you’s for the guests as they leave.  Normally, these are placed either on the tables or at the back of the room. They can be personally named, however, you could be left with uncollected ones at the end of the evening.   This example is very different, to the usual bag of Almonds. You could have them delivered to guests after the event. 

If you require further ideas, for your forthcoming party. Please message C’est Chic. We will research a range of suppliers for you for that perfect touch. Importantly as a suitable ‘in budget range’. 


Favors different
A thank you banana!




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